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my new living/bedroom space

my new living/bedroom space

It has been a very busy week or so, but I managed to make a bedroom space that I am happy with. It is amazing what a bit of paint and material can do, and although I might not have gone out and bought these colours , I am really happy with how they work.

In fact since finishing it a few days ago, I have spent a few evenings relaxing in it, and slept in it one night, to check out how dark it was, and if there were any strange noises.
I think I might have a few geckos living in the roof, but they were well-behaved, and did not keep me awake .

So here’s how it looks


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In 10 days time I have some special visitors coming over to see me – My mum and dad. They normally stay at the small hotel in Gois, but as I now have nice new windows and doors in my workshop/ house, I thought why can’t I turn half the space into a bedroom area temporarily, for me to sleep in, and they can stay in my room. It will be nice for them to be close by, and to feel part of the village for a few weeks.

I had this idea last week, and so I have been madly plastering holes, painting walls, making roman blinds, moving furniture and generally working away to try to get it ready .

Usually when someone comes to stay, it is a case of making the bed, not making the bedroom, but it is just the incentive I needed to get it sorted.

I am just about to go and start cleaning and painting the floorboards, so here are a few photos to show you how it is going so far.

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Workshop update… the messy stage

Here’s how the work on the upstairs is looking at the moment.The rotten wood, pretending to be window and door frames has gone, the holes are being squared up and the old chimney has gone. So I have rubble on the floor cement all over the walls and a big hole in my roof !

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather stays fine until it can be sorted out !


Door and windows …wood or aluminium ?

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Over the last week I have been getting quotes for windows and doors for the upstairs of my house/work space next door.

When I bought the doors and windows for this house I never even considered aluminium. I knew I wanted wood. I love the look of real wood  and thought aluminium would not look right, as well as it being  more expensive. So I found a carpenter who made me some beautiful hard wood doors and windows which fitted with the character of my house. I painted them with weather protection stuff and a friend hung them.

Four years later I still love the way they look, but I don’t like the way the upstairs terrace door has warped. I now have a gap that lets cold air in during the winter. This is not because they were badly made, or because of the type of wood, it is solely  due to the sun beating down on it for about 8 hours a day.

I also have come to realize that my large bathroom window, which is a single glazed pane in a wooden frame, gets very cold  and cools down the room at night. If I  close the internal wooden shutter it is better, but the bathroom is then too dark.So  I think double glazing might be another consideration.

With these things in mind I have decided to look at the possibility of aluminum doors and windows. Two of the windows and one of the doors will have sun on them all day long, and I think wood would warp in no time.

I want to have as much natural light coming in as possible, and so have decided to have a French patio style door (2 glass panelled doors opening in the centre ) for the door to the terrace, and  for the main front door to have 3 small glass panels running vertically down one side.

With so much glass, double glazed aluminium makes more sense than single glazed wood.

So I guess it comes down to aesthetic v practicality, (and of course price )

When I compare the price between the wood and the aluminium quote I have, there is not a great deal in it, and the aluminium quote includes fitting, where as the wooden one doesn’t.  In fact if the wooden doors and windows were double glazed then the wooden ones would be more expensive.

Therefore even with the two quotes I have back so far, I have made a decision. Aluminium it is .This time I am going for practicality over prettiness