Central Portugal – Off the Tourist Trail

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Hello , Ola , Ciao …. it’s been a while .

I was just looking at my last post (I can’t believe that was more than 3 months ago) and would like
to reassure you that the fumes from my wood burner did not get the better of me.
I am still here !
I just fell off the blogging wagon.

In January I intended to climb back aboard with a look back over the year called ” Picture My Year” but that didn’t happen, and now it’s March.

Lots of things have happened since my last post, and one of those things has been making the difficult decision to leave home for a while.
Although I love my life in the village that time forgot, surrounded by lemon, fig and chestnut trees, lovely neighbours, and adorable goats, I have decided to step back onto the tourist trail for a while, and am due to start work in Italy soon.

As I am travelling light, I haven’t room in my backpack to take all my art/ and craft materials, but I have managed to pack a survival kit; a sketch pad , pencil, micro pens and a small set of watercolours, for when I get any creative urges in my spare time

I hope to keep you updated with what I get up to from time to time, although I have no idea how easy that will be, or how often, I aim to try.

So watch this space..

Until then, here are some photos showing what I have been up to since my last post.