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Ciao …. Hello from Italy

It has been a couple of months since I left my lovely Portuguese village to work in Lake Garda for the Summer. After a busy start I have finally got my act together and am sitting in the campsite bar, beer in hand, and ready to write.
The first month was full of the usual ups and downs that come with starting a new job, trying to understand the system & daily routines, and the first few weeks were spent doing something called MONTAGE, which to you and me means scrubbing, cleaning and getting accommodation spick and span for when the holidaymakers arrive.
My hands smelled of bleach from dawn til dusk.

The view of lake Garda from the campsite

The view of lake Garda from the campsite

We opened on the 21st March, and by Easter week all our mobile homes were full. It was definitely a case of learning on the job.
When guests checked in at our reception one of the team cycled in front of their car and took them to their accommodation.
With over 100 families arriving on Easter weekend, that was a fair bit of cycling for 6 people.

Anyone that knows me, knows cycling is not one of my strengths. I am just about able to ride a bike (as long as I don’t have to fit through small spaces, or take my hand off the handlebar) so I am happy to report I did not fall off, or collapse from exhaustion .
italy 019

Something that I find even harder than cycling is finding my way from one place to another without getting hopelessly lost . I just have no memory for directions, and even if I go the same way to the same place 5 times, every time feels like the first time.

This is the map of the site,

italy 017

So you can imagine my concern.
I was seriously worried that I might cycle off and not be able to find the mobile home. I was overjoyed and amazed that I managed to get my guests to the right place, without taking them on a wild goose chase.
After a month of cycling every day , I am pleased to say the locations are beginning to make more sense, now and my legs are getting stronger by the day.

I have now moved from a mobile home into a tent, where I will live for the next 6 months or so, and been enjoying the sunny warm days.
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On my days off I have started to explore the area.
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The nearby town of Peschiera del Garda .

The nearby town of Peschiera del Garda .

More about that next time