Central Portugal – Off the Tourist Trail


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I thought this week I would share with you the highlight of my week. Revisiting the town of Tomar.

After visiting it in the cold, wind, and rain a few weeks ago, a friend and I decided to go back this week, and see it on a warm sunny day.
It was definitely worth the return trip. We had a lovely day wandering around the historical town.
In fact it seemed like a different place.

I particularly enjoyed wandering around the Convent of Christ/ Castle of the Templars, where I got hopelessly lost.

The convent which was the headquarters of the Knights Templars, and later the Order of Christ is a mix of Romanesque, Manueline and Renaissance architecture, and is an impressive construction. I took lots of photos .

Afterwards, we had a walk around the Sete Montes forest, where we worked up an appetite for our Sunday lunch.

Finally, we drove to the Barragem ( dam) do Castelo de Bode, apparently the biggest reservoir in Portugal, and ate ice-creams whilst taking in the fantastic views of the reservoir and the Zezere river.


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