Central Portugal – Off the Tourist Trail

Coming soon …. Picture My Week


This week I have been thinking about this blog, and it’s purpose.
When I started, it was a way for family and friends to read a bit about me living alone in Central Portugal, what I had been up to, to see the latest DIY on the house, as well as sharing my arts/ crafts activities and places I had visited. On occasions I also wrote about stuff that might be helpful to other English speakers living in rural Portugal.

I also started it as a way to learn about what a blog is, how it works, and to see if I could string a sentence or two together( it had been a while)

In January I started a separate blog for my arts and craft activities, as I did not think it fitted in amongst everything else. So I started http://www.craftinginportugal.wordpress.com

I wasn’t sure how much extra time it would take up, but it seemed to work fine when I started it.
Now I am not so sure.

This week I have not written anything for either blog. I have been so involved in painting, drawing trees, finding acrylic paints, learning Portuguese, and the usual daily stuff, that the time has just slipped by.

I have come to the conclusion that I don’t have time to write two blogs, and do everything else, BUT I still want to show what I am up to.

So, I will continue to post and write on my crafting blog as usual, but rather than write about what I have been up, I have decided to make it easier on myself, time wise, and show you with photos.

I’m calling it ” Picture My Week ” and will start my first post after the week-end

I hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you think !


Author: portugalholidayguide

I love making and creating , and trying out new ideas .

2 thoughts on “Coming soon …. Picture My Week

  1. Hi sharon not sure how to reply or post a comment on or about your blog lol I’m a geek sorry but just to say I do look at all your blogs and look forward to seeing your picture blog have been a busy B but will be in touch in a while take care xx

    Sent from my iPad

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