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Fabulous Frango …..


Barbecued piripiri chicken is one of my favourite meals to eat when I go to a local restaurant, but I have never tried cooking it myself.
That changed yesterday. I made it on my little BBQ last night, and it was delicious.

When I bought my BBQ about 5 years ago, it came with a strange metal contraption. I had no idea of its use, and so I put it in the shed. One day in conversation I learned it was for cooking whole chickens in, and so when I spotted chickens prepared for cooking on a BBQ the other day ( they look like they have been run over by a lorry), I thought I would give it a go.

trees and bbq chicken 009

I coated the flattened carcass with piripiri, trapped it in the metal contraption, set it over the hot coals, and turned it around until it looked cooked .

It was so easy, and YUMMY !!

My neighbours also like chicken. It is not something they eat often, but when they do, I am sure that their home reared chicken tastes better than my shop bought one, however they cook it.

They look after their chickens well. They feed them on corn they grow, and let them run around the village. They seem to have a good life, and lay a lot of eggs ( they often bring me some when they have too many ).

Julia preparing chicken for sunday lunch

When the time comes, a bird is killed, plucked, cooked and eaten. There is no sentimentality involved. It is just the way of life here.

Although I could not do that myself, I accept that they can, and do.

As for the frango de churrasco ( bbq chicken), I will be making it more often.

The village dog will be happy !

waiting for scraps

waiting for scraps


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I love making and creating , and trying out new ideas .

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  1. thank you for sharing

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