Central Portugal – Off the Tourist Trail


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In 10 days time I have some special visitors coming over to see me – My mum and dad. They normally stay at the small hotel in Gois, but as I now have nice new windows and doors in my workshop/ house, I thought why can’t I turn half the space into a bedroom area temporarily, for me to sleep in, and they can stay in my room. It will be nice for them to be close by, and to feel part of the village for a few weeks.

I had this idea last week, and so I have been madly plastering holes, painting walls, making roman blinds, moving furniture and generally working away to try to get it ready .

Usually when someone comes to stay, it is a case of making the bed, not making the bedroom, but it is just the incentive I needed to get it sorted.

I am just about to go and start cleaning and painting the floorboards, so here are a few photos to show you how it is going so far.


Author: portugalholidayguide

I love making and creating , and trying out new ideas .

One thought on “PAINTING LIKE CRAZY !

  1. Looking great sharon putting your talents to good use have a great time with your mum and dad think of you often take care x

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