Central Portugal – Off the Tourist Trail



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Today as I was walking back to my house, I met one of the amazing ladies of the village that I talked about in my last post. She was carrying yet another bundle of grass up the hill for her goats.
Although my spoken Portuguese is basic, we managed to have a bit of a chat.

It went along the lines of her saying she was like a donkey and me saying it looked a tiring job, and that she worked very hard. She replied “It’s the life”. These are words I hear a lot, as the villagers accept this daily struggle as how it is.

She then told me she was 81 years of age, and her sister was 83, and that they had to do this work as there was no one else.

Now that is what I call GIRL POWER !


Author: portugalholidayguide

I love making and creating , and trying out new ideas .

2 thoughts on “( OLD) GIRL POWER

  1. A hard and wonderful way to live ,well done to the ladies .

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