Central Portugal – Off the Tourist Trail




Although Gois is my closest village and where I go for essentials, The larger town of Lousa is only 14 kms away, and  is somewhere I visit at least once a week.

(Lousa is actually written with a ~  symbol over  the a but unfortunately i can’t manage to get my keyboard  to type it )

Lousa has 4 large supermarkets and a good range of other shops and so I tend to do my weekly shopping there.

There is a food market on Tuesdays and Saturdays in the centre of Lousa , where fresh locally grown fruit and veg are for sale, as well as other bits and pieces.

It is  nice to wander around the older part of town, near to the library , town hall and church.There are some lovely old buildings and lots of places to sit and people watch, as well as a good variety of cafes and bars.

A few other things to do in the area.

Just a few kilometres from Lousa at the foot of the Serra de Lousa ( a range of hills)  is the small castle of Arouce. It is in a lovely pictureque valley with three shrines and  a restaurant nearby. If you wish to see in the castle you need permission from the town hall, but it is still worth a stop off and a wander around, without seeing inside.

If you continue past the castle on the road to Castanheira de Pera you will come to Trevim which is the highest point of the Serra de Lousa, 1,204 metres above sea level. From here you have amazing views, as well as being up close to the many windmills that you usually only see from a far. It is a great place to visit on a clear day, and there are plenty of places to stop for a picnic, if like me you’re picnic crazy !

Go for a swim . Either at the municipal swimming pool, which is open all year, or to the outdoor pool/ fluvial beach in July and August.

Visit the flea/market  car boot  on the last Sunday of the month. It is held near the church in the old part of Lousa.

Visit the  Eco museum in Lousa.

Go toLousa cinema . Movies are shown  most Sundays,( although at the moment there are a series of music concerts on instead, and so it is best to check the Lousa web site )


I am sure there are lots more things to discover in Lousa,these are just a few ideas.

You can also check out if there are any fairs, concerts, or other events on by visiting the Lousa website www.cm-lousa.pt







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7 thoughts on “A LOOK AT LOUSA

  1. Hi! I have nominated your blog at Very Inspiring Blogger award 🙂

  2. For Portuguese accents you can use the Portuguese typeit pad. I use this for all my Portuguese, and all you need to do is type, cut and paste. The link for the typeit site is – http://portuguese.typeit.org/ By the way – I love Lousã. 🙂

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