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My brain needs a holiday !


For the last two weeks nothing has been how it usually is. Especially me.
I have been going through the motions of my usual routine, with the addition of a trip to the hospital in Coimbra 4 or 5 times a week to visit my friend.

This weekend it hit home that my friends health scare, and the major operation that followed, has had a bigger effect on me than I realized.
Let me explain ..

Before the operation I was joking that I had spent so much time at the hospital that I should make my next posts about it.

Since the operation I have been unable to visit the hospital, due to having a cold, and so I told myself I would have time to catch up on my blog, which was overdue.

Definitely easier said than done.

The extra time has allowed my brain to dwell on how fragile life is, and generally “over think”

It could not be cajoled out of thinking of such things by settiing it another “task” however. The more I tried to concentrate on writing a post, the more impossible it became.

Therefore, I have decided to give my brain a holiday from writing posts. I will not be giving it any dead lines, or setting it any assignments.

Instead of trying to think myself into writing and giving myself tasks to complete, I am going with the flow.

Whether that be chopping wood, baking a cake, watching a movie, walking, or playing my guitar

And when I feel able to write a post that will happen too.


Author: portugalholidayguide

I love making and creating , and trying out new ideas .

2 thoughts on “My brain needs a holiday !

  1. Yes Sharon ,just go with the flow and things will just happen xxxx

  2. Well, chopping wood is a nice job to get your mind of things, has always been for me when still in Holland, playing gitar also I think but not sure as I can’t play one. Baking a cake also very nice but send it to me otherwise you might eat to much of it your self. Walking is beautiful over there but would give me to much time to think as well as watching a movie, as I saw them all already 10 times. Take care of yourself.

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