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April showers …. but it’s only March !

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In February I mentioned that the Mimosa trees were flowering early. They are usually coming in to flower around now .
At the time, Mario who owns the bar nearby said that this was not a good sign. He did not elaborate, and I was left wondering why not. I thought it was great. I thought that Spring had come early, and that it was lovely to see all the colourful yellow trees.
Now I am beginning to think Mario was right.
Since the beginning of March we have had rain almost every day ( for at least part of the day ). We have had some very windy weather too, and the Mimosas are looking very sad at the moment. Lots of the younger trees have fallen over. It is as if the flowers have become so heavy with the rain, that the weight of them has pulled the trees over.
Mimosa is a bit of a weed here, and so it is not a bad thing that nature is thinning them down a bit. Where one has fallen there will be at least a dozen seedlings to take its space .

The only problem is that in many places they grow right next to the road. The roads have become an obstacle course over the last week, with trees, mud, and stones covering half of the road in places.
I have done the slalom run to Coimbra 5 times this week, and am hoping that the conditions improve soon.
Luckily there is very little traffic on the roads around here. If this were happening in the Uk, I hate to think what accidents and traffic hold ups there would be.

So, it looks like we are getting our April showers early too.
I wonder what weather we will have to look forward to in April, ?


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One thought on “April showers …. but it’s only March !

  1. Yes, March has been usually rainy so far :-/ Last Friday night, on the way to Oliveira do Hospital, some parts of the road were in really bad shape because of the rain…

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