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Lights, camera, action


The cinema in Lousa

The cinema in Lousa

This week I have been reading all about the Oscars, Hollywood, and who won the little golden statues.
I love going to the cinema and watching movies on the big screen, and am happy that I can see all the latest movies here in Portugal.
Films are shown in the original language here, with Portuguese subtitles, which is great news also.
When I lived in Spain I rarely went to the cinema. Films were dubbed into Spanish and I always missed parts of the story due to not understanding enough of the language, and I never got used to watching actors I knew speaking with strange voices. After sitting through Lord of the Rings in Spanish, I decided never again !
In Portugal all major towns and cities have multi plex cinemas.
The easiest way to find out what’s on for the week is to Google search the words Lusomundo cinemas, and then choose the town nearest you,on the lusomundo website.
For me it is the city of Coimbra. Coimbra has two cinema complexes.One with 6 screens and another with 10, so plenty of choice.
One thing to be aware of is, although the movies are in the original language, the titles are written in Portuguese. This is ok when the film is Argo, or Lincoln, but others are harder to work out. Sometimes the name is not a translation of the original title. An American movie on at the moment, Take this Waltz, is called Notas de Amor ( love letter/ note) in Portuguese .
When this happens,I type in the Portuguese name of the film, but I also type in one of the actors names.Usually this brings up the film name and reviews in English.

As well as the multi plex cinemas, there are a few small independent cinemas still in operation.
I have one near to me in the town of Lousa, and I believe there is also one in Miranda da Corvo.
At present the one in Lousa opens on Sunday afternoons only. It is a lovely little cinema,and shows some good movies,and I feel it is worth supporting. This week it is showing Argo,and tickets are only 3 € which is brilliant.

So If your not sure what to do oneday, why not check out what is on the silver screen, and have a lovely time at the movies.


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5 thoughts on “Lights, camera, action

  1. Miss the movies in Coimbra sometimes, good you got me in to books.

    • Yes , books for me are impossible to live without . I am glad that you are into them too …. I think now for you to live without books would be pretty difficult also ? By the way this week in Coimbra is the latest Die Hard !

  2. Lovely to have a good choice of cinemas near

  3. Lucky you. They’ve just closed the multiplex at Castelo Branco. Gutted.

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