Central Portugal – Off the Tourist Trail

Renovations are underway !

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Yesterday was the start of sorting out the upstairs of my other house, so that I can use it as a year round work shop .

It is quite exciting  planning out what I  am going to do with it. It is  a good-sized area ( 30 m2) and so I am thinking I might use half as a workshop, and make the other half into a sitting /bedroom area.

There are so many  decisions to make when starting work on a room that has nothing apart from 4 walls and  a lovely wooden ceiling.The choices I make also have to fit within my pretty meagre budget, which makes it a challenge.

The first decision I had to make was an easy one (or so I thought ). What should I do with the fireplace in the corner ? I decided it had to go.It was big, too heavy for the floor, inefficient as a fire, badly made, and ugly. Enough good reasons to destroy it with a sledgehammer!

However, my friend the builder/DIY man pointed out that above the fire, on my roof, sits a large heavy chimney supported by the internal structure ( whoops never thought about that ).The chimney  might come crashing down when I destroy the fire-place. After a bit of investigation on my friends part, it seemed that the walls of the fireplace were not holding anything, but the hood had two beams which might help to support the chimney. Dropping  the chimney and fixing the roof tiles could be quite costly (the tiles are an old design and are difficult to get hold of) and so I decided the hood stays, for now. I can plaster it, paint it and block it up  inside, to prevent the warmth escaping and the birds from coming in to nest.

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The next step is sorting out some windows and doors.  I will let you know about that next time.


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I love making and creating , and trying out new ideas .

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