Central Portugal – Off the Tourist Trail

Paints + fimo = peace . Website tutorials+jargon = headaches !

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I have not been posting much  the last week as I am in the process of making a simplified website. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not that great when it comes to understanding computers, and so it is a bit of a slow and painful (headache)  task.  

I am  creating a site for all my arty-crafty” stuff” , printing, polymer clay, leather work, mosaic, jewellery, etc. It will be set up more like a web site, with a blog page within it.

Well thats what I hope !

Although I have put a few creative posts on my Portugal blog, I don’t feel it really works on the same site and I want to separate it, with maybe a link between the two.

Hopefully it will up and running by January 2013.  I will continue to post every thing on this site in the mean time.

When my head has felt ready to explode trying to understand the difference between static pages, posts, nested menus and other jargon, I have been dabbling with my printing inks and polymer clay, to keep myself sane.

So here are a few photos of this weeks more creative, and relaxed moments.

Monotype using oil paints n glass

Monotype using oil paints n glass

Monotype SAM_0054

 Textured polymer clay

Textured polymer clay


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I love making and creating , and trying out new ideas .

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