Central Portugal – Off the Tourist Trail


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The other day on my morning walk through the woods to Alegria, I took some photos of all the different mushrooms that I saw along the way. It has been quite damp, so the conditions have been perfect for them to flourish, and i spotted quite a few.
My next door neighbour often pops off to the woods on a Sunday to pick some mushrooms for breakfast, but even if I liked them ( and I don’t,they make me think of fried  slugs for some reason) I would not have a clue which would be edible and which might kill me !
When I got back, out of interest I checked out some mushroom and fungi  websites to see if I could identify what I had seen. Although I learned a lot about mushrooms, I had no idea whether any of the ones I saw were edible.
I imagine picking this free food might be tempting to a mushroom lover, but it must be a bit like playing Russian roulette, with fungi instead of bullets. Scary !
It is no wonder people die every year from eating poisonous mushrooms. So many  of them  look similar to each other, and whilst one is ok, the other is a killer.
          Unless you have a nice neighbour, ( who you trust to know his mushrooms from his toadstools ) or a way to get them tested, I would say leave them growing in the woods, and buy some  from a shop !


Or draw them… thats what I am going to do !


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