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Shopping in Coimbra

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Portela March 2009 078
Yesterday I headed to the city of Coimbra. I was on a mission. I needed some art supplies, and hoped I could find them there.
Coimbra is a great city for shopping. It had 3 indoor malls of varying sizes (which are ideal on rainy days), and in the centre of town there are lots of more individual  specialist type shops, as well as cafes and restaurants. This is my favourite shopping area, as it has lots of character, and lovely cake shops !  A lot of the shops are hidden down little alleyways off the main pedestrian street  in and around the old town. It is an area where you need to get lost a few times, and wander aimlessly around to discover the best places. I stumbled across two art/craft shops on a previous visit, and so I headed back to them, this time with my shopping list.

I managed to get almost everything I needed ,apart from some sheets of metal leaf that I wanted to try in my polymer clay work. I had fun trying to ask for lino cutting blades and block printing ink in Portuguese , as neither were in my dictionary.The girl in the shop was lovely and patient, whilst I tried to describe them using my limited language skills, and lot of actions. Somehow or other she understood me, and produced an assortment of tools and lino type materials to chooses from.
I left the shop with a smile on my face, clutching all my art goodies, and headed back to my car.
I then drove  across to The Forum, which is the largest of the three indoor shopping malls, on the other side of the river from the old town.
The place looked very festive, with lots of fairy lights, Xmas trees and baubles. Santas grotto,which was a big plastic bubble, furnished with a chair and some white carpet, was a bit disappointing though .
The mall is on 4 levels, and has all the shops you could want. There are lots of well known names such as Mango, Zara, Worten, H&M, C&A, Primark ,FNAC, Casa, Massimo Duti , and loads more. On the ground floor there is a huge supermarket, and on the top level is a food hall with a dozen or more outlets selling a wide variety of snacks and meals, a multi screen cinema, and a bowling alley.
After a good mooch around all the shops, and a bit of retail therapy, I was feeling peckish, so I had a yummy spicy chicken kebab, to finish off  my successful shopping trip, and then headed for home.
So watch this space for more creating soon, using  my new goodies !


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