Central Portugal – Off the Tourist Trail

Creating with ink and erasers.

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As the weather has been wet and miserable for the last few days, I have not been over to my workshop ( no heating ). I have stayed indoors, with my log burner roaring away, and concentrated on my Portuguese, and on doing some creating that does not need a lot of space or equipment .

The other day I decided to make some stamps using erasers and a lino cutter.  I could then use them to decorate some writing paper. I have not made stamps in ages, and was quite excited at making some new ones.

However, when I found my lino cutter, the blades were rusty, and so blunt  they would not cut butter, and so initially I gave up on the idea.

Then I decided to play around with what I had  anyway.I chopped the three erasers into some random shapes with my craft knife, and played around stamping a few patterns.

I had a lot of fun, and felt like a child. It was great not having any pre thought out ideas on what I was doing. I liked the black patterns on the coloured paper especially . The more I printed the more they started to look like weird and wonderful plants .  I rubbed some chalks on some as a back ground which I liked, and will try some more on different back grounds another day.

It was a lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon, and it would be a great activity to do with children. All you need is a few erasers, and an  ink pad.

If you don’t have an ink pad , then use the felt cylinder inside a felt tip pen to paint on the end of the eraser.

Have fun !!



Author: portugalholidayguide

I love making and creating , and trying out new ideas .

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