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Getting creative again . Making xmas cards


This weekend, I finally got round to making my Xmas cards. I have started on them a few times before, and then got side tracked, and ended up doing other things. The reason being that I wasn’t sure how, or what I wanted to do. Sometimes I have definite ideas, and other times it is a case of playing around and seeing what happens.
This year it was definitely a case of mess around with my paints, paper and glitter and see what I ended up with. The only thought I had in mind when I started , was that I wanted purple or blue as the main colour.
I found some canvas textured paper which I liked and started off painting it in different blues as a background. I cut out a tree stencil which I used both as a negative and positive image and  used it to print onto the wet background. When the background was dry I drew into it with pastels and chalks and used a dry brush with some paint to make patterns. I stamped into it with some dye and a couple of stamps, punched out a few winter snowflakes and xmas tree shapes which I stuck on, and then finished off with some metallic liner pens and the odd sequin here and there. I then did a similar thing on plain card using purple shades .
I  cut the canvas and card into square and rectangle shapes, and stitched them onto purple, blue, or white card using my sewing machine.
I finally mounted them on blue purple or white card stock.

At first I thought I would leave them like that .But today I decided they needed to be more sparkly, and so I got carried away with my glitter glue, putting borders and patterns around .

Mmmm… not sure now . i think i preferred them without the glitter !


Author: portugalholidayguide

I love making and creating , and trying out new ideas .

2 thoughts on “Getting creative again . Making xmas cards

  1. Looking good, been busy you. If I have time I might make it to a shop to buy some and write them but thats as far as I get.

    • Thanks . This year I was not clear what i wanted to make, so it was hard.Strangely, I already know what i want to do for next years cards . I have been wanting to do more printing with lino , and aslo want to have a go at some thing called gelatine printing. So They will be printed one way or another.

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