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Getting Creative . Leather and leaves

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 After a trudge through the woods the other week,  I collected an assortment of lovely autumn leaves. The  beautiful reds and browns and curved  rounded shapes inspired me to get a bit creative, and the other day I had a lovely afternoon, playing in my workshop .

I  got out my paints, and doodled the different shapes with a large brush and  paints. I then doodled  on some of the eucalyptus leaves with  acrylic  paints and a fine brush, which was great fun and made the leaves look more feather like. The more I played, the more ideas I got, and I decided to make some leaves out of leather.

I cut a few leaf shapes out of my off cut leather and “doodled” into them using my swivel knife and a variety of leather tools, experimenting to see what patterns I could make .

I  had not used my swivel knife and carving tools for a while,so it was a great way to practise and get back into using them again.

I made a tan coloured  leaf, and a eucalyptus inspired leaf out of dark green veg tanned leather  I  liked the shape of the green one and I think the shape would look good as a necklace/ choker on a simple cord alongside some hand-made beads.

In the next weeks I will experiment with the leather leaves some more, and  hope to make some leaf inspired jewellery .



Author: portugalholidayguide

I love making and creating , and trying out new ideas .

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