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Traffic jam In Portela

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An off road vehicle, off the road !

Yesterday we had the village equivalent of a tail back on the M1. It was all very exciting, and the whole village came out to witness the event .
The walking track between Portela and Ponte de Sotao was blocked by half a dozen 4×4’s travelling from Evora to the Serra de Estrellas, using minor roads. Maybe there Sat Nav made an error, or the lead vehicles navigator skills were as bad as mine, but why they ended up on the track I can’t imagine. It hardly qualifies as a road.

The reason for the tail back was that one of the land rovers had slipped over the edge of the muddy track, and was stuck with one wheel off the ground . It took the rest of the group a lot of pushing, pulling, digging, and who knows what else, but after an hour or so the problem was sorted, and they were on their way.
The track is not much wider than a land rover, and so it was impossible for any one to pass either way . One of the villagers, who had been working on his land, was stuck until it was sorted. The rest were trapped in the village, unable to take their goats down to the fields, or walk to the bar in the next village. No one seemed to mind too much though.Everyone stood around, had a good chat about it, and once the traffic was moving again, continued with their daily routine.


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