Central Portugal – Off the Tourist Trail

It is great to go on holiday, but lovely to come back home.

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I have had a lovely weeks holiday in France,catching up with friends, eating lots of yummy French cakes and pastries, and enjoying the French sunshine. I love holidays and visiting new places, but it is nice to come back home at the end of it .

On my first day back in Portugal,(yesterday) I had a very relaxed day. After the unpacking and washing was sorted, a friend and I went walking through the nearby woods to the village of Ponte do Sotao. We stopped at a bar for a quick glass of Ginja and then wandered back .It was a warm sunny Autumn day, and we collected lots of sweet chestnuts along the way.

In the evening we lit a fire, roasted a few chestnuts, drank another glass of Ginja and Googled chestnut recipes .

Today I made roast pork with caramalized apple and chestnuts, which was very yummy, and I am thinking I might have a go at Marron Glace( a gooey chestnut sweet ) which is one of the things the French do with them.

I say might ,as apparently they takes 4 days to make.
If I attempt it, I will let you know, but just in case i don’t, does any one out there have any other recipe ideas they can recommend ?


Author: portugalholidayguide

I love making and creating , and trying out new ideas .

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