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Trying to understand my new telephone


I have had my land line phone for 5 days now, and a couple of days ago I decided that i should get to grips with the basics of how it works. I had no idea if i had had a missed call , or how to put numbers into the address book ( if it had one) how to change the language etc . So I made a cup of tea and tried to read the Portuguese manuel . After 2 cups of tea and half a packet of biscuits, I realized that my reading ability is still about age 5, so I decided to Google the manuel in English. After numerous key word searches I came to the conclusion that the manuel does not exist in English. It seems this model of phone is only sold in Portugal, and so there is no need.
Still , I did not give up. I copied and pasted the manuel into Google translate and then saved it as a word document. It is not perfect, as the icons are missing ,but if you read it alongside the Portuguese manuel it is understandable.  I have now been able to change the language to English, added names to my address book , changed the ringtone, and more besides.
So, If there are other English speaking people living in Portugal with a SAGECOM D22T cordless phone, and you can’t understand the manuel ,  then give Google translate a shot , or let me know and I can e- mail it to you .

Happy communicating .


Author: portugalholidayguide

I love making and creating , and trying out new ideas .

2 thoughts on “Trying to understand my new telephone

  1. Hi,
    if you still have the manual in English please send it to me


    • Yes I have..I will e mail it you if you e mail me your address , Just put Sagecom phone as the name of your e mail and I won’t think it is spam and delete it. My e mail is under contact details .

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