Central Portugal – Off the Tourist Trail


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Autumn trees in Gois

The weather suddenly changed last week, and although I know it is October and was expecting it to become Autumnal, the overnight drop in temperature caught me unawares. I went to bed on Friday night and woke in the night feeling cold. When I got out of bed in the morning, the temperature was in single figures. It had been in double figures for so long, that I was rummaging around trying to find something more substantial to wear, other than shorts and t shirt .
My feather duvet has been put back on the bed, and my jeans and jumpers and body warmers are back in the wardrobe.

Bye, Bye, Summer , Hello Autumn .

This will be my second Autumn in Portugal ,and I am looking forward to doing some stuff that only happens at this time of year.

1.Wrapping up in my scarf, hat and boots and going for walks ithrough the woods. Treading on the springy fallen leaves and mimosa seed pods.
2.Picking sweet chestnuts,( or buying them in the shops) cooking them on my wood burner, then eating them warm, whilst watching a good movie

3.Sitting in front of my fire watching the flames , enjoying the heat, with a glass of Gingre and a bar of dark chocolate
4.Walking to the nearby café/ bar on a frosty morning for a hot milky coffee
5.Making a huge pot of vegetable soup, for my lunch (and the next few days lunches as well)
6.Taking photos of the beautiful red, gold, and brown of the trees, the misty hills and the strange looking fungi that pop up at this time of year .

What do you enjoy doing in Autumn, that you can’t do in the other seasons ?

A misty Autumn morning, looking from my house to Ponte Sotao

I am appreciating having 4 seasons again, (after 6 years of living in the Canaries, ) and enjoying what the different time of year brings. Yes, even the rain ! ( although I can’t say it is a favourite)
Although I will always prefer sun to rain, I accept that without the wet stuff, this area would not be so lush and green. I would not be picking fresh figs, lemons, and chestnuts off the trees in the village. There wouldn’t be so many beautiful colourful spring flowers, fragrant herbs, and cute baby animals in the Spring. Without the rain in Autumn and Winter there would not be all the wonderful river beaches to enjoy in the Summer .

So wherever you are, I hope you are making the most of whatever season you’re in, and enjoying what it has to offer.


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