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Grapes, wine and aguadente .

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The grapes on my terrace, ready for picking .

Over the last week I have been busy entertaining my mum and dad who are here on holiday . We have been doing a bit of sightseeing , enjoying picnics and BBQ’s in the sunshine, and overindulging on the local food and wine.
It has been quite a busy week for many people in my village also, as the grapes were ready for picking this week.
I am not sure why it was this weekend that it was the “right time”. They have looked and smelled ready to me for ages. But everyone had the same idea, and friends and relatives arrived and spent the day filling up big plastic containers with grapes, before carting them away to be made into wine and aguadente .Most people seems to have vines dotted around, and after a busy couple of days they had all been picked.
Even I have a couple of small vines that grow like crazy between my houses, and on my terrace. I have kept them, as they provide fantastic shade, and are lovely to sit under in the Summer. When the grapes are ripe my neighbour Manuel picks them to add to his. In return he prunes the vines back when it is time ,and brings me a few gifts in return, such as eggs, fruit, veg , and the occasional bottle of “ fire water” also known as aguadente, made from distilling the liquid from the skins and seeds.
The other day he brought over a bottle that he had made from last year’s grapes, for my dad to try. Dad tried a tiny bit, and was soon coughing and gasping as it burned its way down. He could not believe it was possible to make something so strong from grapes!
I am not sure what percentage proof it is, but it tastes much stronger than anything else I have ever tasted. Imagine grappa, vodka, schnapps and absinthe in a glass and you are somewhere close. Real rocket fuel!
I have put the bottle alongside the bottles of Port, Martini and wine, just in case anyone visiting ever wants to try it. I think it may be there for a long time! The only time I pour some, is when I need antiseptic to put on cuts and insect bites. It works a treat!!!
But as for drinking it, I say Nao obrigada !


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One thought on “Grapes, wine and aguadente .

  1. Olá Sharon!!

    Gostei do teu blog, continua a escrever sobre este Portugal lindo.


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