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A walk in the woods

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This morning, for the first time in months, it was cool and cloudy . A perfect temperature to walk along the Roman road, and do a bit of foraging. I was on the search for pine cones and I wasn’t disappointed, I found loads .
As I was filling my big Ikea and Lidl bags with them, I was thinking how much I have learned in a year here. Twelve months ago I would see cars stopping, and men jumping  out, filling bags with pine cones then driving away. I always wondered why? I now know they are fantastic natural firelighters, that the best time to start collecting is around September, and the best ones are those that are fully opened . I also know that the Roman road is not used very much by any one, and has loads of pine trees close by, and so my bags were full in no time.

The next thing I need to do is have a tidy up in my junk room , to make space for wood that I will be ordering in the next month or two !


Author: portugalholidayguide

I love making and creating , and trying out new ideas .

One thought on “A walk in the woods

  1. Hi Sharon how’s life in Portugal ? Looks like the last year has went by really quickly. Great reading all about your experience keep up the info take care x

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