Central Portugal – Off the Tourist Trail


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 As I don’t have access to the internet at my house, I usually pop into Gois, and sit in one of the bars where there is free wi- fi ,to check my mail and sort out my blog.

  I often go to town in the morning, and so head to the MAY TAY bar, which is on the main high street. It is open 7 days a week from early morning ‘til late. It serves snacks, and cakes, and usually there are news programmes on the TV, so I can find out whats happening in the world. It is easy to park the car nearby, and the bank, post office, health centre, library and supermarket are a stones’ throw away, so I can combine a visit along with doing  other stuff. The staff are always really nice and friendly, and make you feel welcome.t is a bit hard to be heard using Skype. due to the noise from the TV and pool table, so I tend to go to a different  bar when I am Skyping.

  The CHILL OUT is also in Gois , It  does not open until about 3pm, so I don’t go there as often. It is a lovely relaxed bar with sofas inside, and tables and chairs overlooking the river( where I am sat right now).  Generally it is quiet in the afternoon ,and so it is where I head to when I want to have a chat on Skype, and get stuff done without distractions. They do snacks , such as hot dogs, toasted sandwiches and burgers. It is open very late in the evening, when it gets busier and noisier.Then it is great to socialize, but not so good for going on line. They normally have football or a movie on in the bar, and music videos in the sofa lounge.  The staff here are great too, and speak perfect English .It is also home to a family of ducks.

The chill -out ducks

The guy behind the bar brought 2 of his ducks from the family farm, to live by the river. They have a cute little wooden house in front of the bar, and they must be happy living in town, as they had 9 babies last week . I was so busy watching them, I got nothing done !

Also in Gois is a free internet café, with computers and a printer. It is open every day, apart from Sundays and bank holidays, and the staff are lovely.There is one man  called Joao,who is so helpful and funny. I go in just to say hello from time to time. We always have a mini English- Portuguese language lesson when we meet, and as well as assisting me with internet stuff and the Portuguese language, he has helped me to find a car and a good hairdresser!

The main square of Gois,  O Largo do Pombal  is also a free wi area. I haven’t tried it out though,as I think  it would be be very hot sitting in the sun ,and  hard to see the screen.  Also it is much nicer to sit with a cold beer or a coffee and cake !!

O largo do Pombal.

I have been looking at the options I have for getting internet at my house, and maybe will get it sorted for the Winter.it would be useful to have, and easier to be in contact  with friends and family. In the meantime it is no hardship sitting next to the river ,under a shady tree with a cool ice tea, or beer, watching the ducks playing, as I type away.


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