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After my lovely day looking at the mosaics  at Conimbriga,I have started my last bit of mosaic in my house .The essential DIY is all done, and this is the last crafty DIY  I will be  doing on the house for a while . I am going to be concentrating more on my leatherwork/ jewellery making  in the Autumn.

I love my quirky little house where no wall is straight, but it does make certain things like putting up cupboards or  shelves a bit of a challenge, and conventional tiling is all but impossible in most of the house .Therefore I thought I would try mosaic . I bought a load of  colourful tiles and then smashed them up, and started learning how to mosaic directly on my lumpy, bumpy, bathroom wall

I was happy with the result and so tried my hand at another one upstairs, this time using traditional square mosaic that I made using a tile cutter. I covered an area which has always been a strange shape, with a ledge that I never knew what to do with . After mosiacking it I have decided to make it my  “ bar area” to keep bottles / and glasses. I must make a little bar sign one of these days, it will  cover up my electric box, which has been  temporarily covered with decoupage butterflies, and finish it off nicely.

So now I am on my third and final mosaic, a splashback area  in the kitchen. It should be finished this week, all being well.

It has been great fun, deciding on colours and patterns and learning what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes it has been quite painful, with shards of tile in my hands, and the skin on my finger tips worn away by  grout.( I hate  wearing gloves ) .However it has all been worth it, I love the bright shiny tiled areas.

Some one said the other day  it shows my personality .Do  they think I am a crack(ed) pot, I wonder ?!

The results so far…

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I love making and creating , and trying out new ideas .

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