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Every year in August, Gois holds a large Fair, with lots of stalls from different organisations involved with agriculture, industry and commerce. It is locally known as FACIG ( Feira de Agricola, Comercial e Industrial de Gois) It was held this year from 9th til the 13th August, and it was the first time that I have been able to go and see what it’s all about.

Lots of Portuguese people ( and a few Brits and other nationalities) from around the Gois area, use the feira as a way to get together. It was nice to see people of all ages enjoying this social occasion.

Down by the river, in the Pargue de Lazer do Bailao  many stalls could be found. There was quite a range of different businesses present. Architects, youth organisations ,the local school , eco-tourism, artisans/ craft stalls , tractors and car sales, tool suppliers ,furniture suppliers, a pet shop, an adventure sports group giving free tries on the climbing wall or  on the paintballing course, to name but a few. And of course not forgetting my favourites, the food and drink stalls. I managed to sample a few  cakes I hadn’t tried before, and I loved the stall selling Ginga , an alcoholic liquor made from cherries,  which they served in shot glasses made of chocolate YUM YUM !!

As well as the stalls there were two large domed stage areas, where music was played in the evening. Close to the area where the bands played were stalls selling , churros  hot bread baked with sausage inside , doughnuts, candy floss etc. Beers and lots of varieties of the Brazilian  drink Caraparinha (another favourite of mine) were in plentiful supply and there was a Liquor Beirao stall , a very popular drink here, but  almost unknown  outside of Portugal .

On Sunday they held a  The Young Peoples Day , which involved lots of activities and sports for youngsters to try out . There was a tai chi demonstration, hydro gymnastics, beach volleyball and other games and demos on the Skate park. ( i did not feel I qualified for this , so had a DIY day at home )

I went to see 2 bands play during the feira .The first was  Morango Tango with Manuel Melo and the second was The Gift .  I enjoyed them both, and was surprised at how good the sound and lighting was. I guess I wasn’t expecting it, for a free concert in the park .

Morango Tango played mostly covers by Springsteen, Dylan , The Stones, Guns and Roses  etc , and did so very well . After 3 Caraparinhas  I was singing and dancing away, until my voice  and legs gave out !

The Gift, who played on Saturday, were absolutely brilliant.  Although I had not heard of them before the concert ,most of the Portuguese seemed to, and I recognised a few numbers  that I had heard on my car radio. They played all their own songs, some in Portuguese and others in English, and I really loved them  .The sound was excellent  and the lead singers amazing rock voice  really got the audience involved. There was a great atmosphere. I would happily go and see them again tomorrow !

I was not sure what to expect , and  was blown away  at how good the music was .

The bands finished about one in the morning, which is a late  night for me these days ! On the Saturday and Sunday after the bands had finished, the music continued with a DJ playing from 1 am . I don’t know how long for though , as after the bands finished I took myself home ,and  left the young people to it.

The FACIG feira has finished now, until next year (Boo Hoo )  but Gois  is in full swing  and is now holding another  festival/ feira. The  Gois annual Motorbike festival started the day after FACIG finished, and is on til  the th19th.

I am off to see whats happening this week end , and  will tell you  more about that next week !!


Author: portugalholidayguide

I love making and creating , and trying out new ideas .

2 thoughts on “GOIS FAIR 2012

  1. Hi Sharon loving your blog you are as you as you feel lol you mention the youngsters! Is that older than us? Lol happy days xxx

    • Hi Sharon , Thanks. It is so nice to have a positive comment. I am hoping with time , I get a bit better at this writing malarky .. .. Yeah , i still mentally feel like a youngster ( but my body feels less so !)

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