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From the last week in July and throughout August, there are lots of parties or festas happening in the villages surrounding me. Although there  are  festas scattered  through out the year , it seems that from the beginning of  August every village is having a party for 2, 3 or 4 days or more, based on tradition customs.

I went to a small one a few weeks ago, which was held by a bar as a thank you to it’s customers. There was lots of sardines and pork cooked on the BBQ , calde verde( a sort of veg soup) bread, and lots and lots of wine and beer !  I was whisked around the dance floor, in a sort of energetic waltz/polka,and I trampled on lots of toes !

The music was something else . Two men played piano accordians, one looking like he was willing the other one with his eyes not to hit a bad note. The tunes seemed to be the same song played over and over ,just at different speeds and lengths of time . I swear when I was dancing, the tune lasted for 15 minutes at least ( I was about to pass out when it stopped)The accordian players had a “ backing band”, a large musscle bound guy playing a triangle and a little old man of 70+ playing a tamborine . Both were taking the job very seriously, and played for about 2 hours.

It was a good introduction to the festa season, and I am now ready for the week long Gois festa which started yesterday , August 9th until the 16th.


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