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A night at the orchestra

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At my Portuguese conversation class last week, it was mentioned that there was a “ band” going to be playing that night, in the centre of  Gois . Me and a friend decided to have a look, expecting it to be half a dozen people on accordion , trumpet, trombone etc.. ( after my festa music experience from a few weeks ago )  How wrong we were!

As we were having a coffee earlier in the evening in a bar,  just down from where the band was due to play, we kept seeing young men and  girls dressed in black walking around the town . I thought it strange ,  there seemed so many, but then I thought it must be the same group, and that maybe they were just walking around and around, with nothing better to do .

When we made our way to the Largo da Pombal( the town square) it all became clear . The “band” was actually an orchestra of about 60 young people,who were all immaculately dressed in black .

They were absolutely brilliant, and I could not believe how wonderful it all sounded. They played a great selection of music. Some numbers from Miss Saigon, a compliation of western themes, a  piece called a Tribute to Gois , and a strange but wonderful piece called  “Godzilla eats Las Vegas”  as well as lots more .

We left the concert feeling so inspired and happy and wanting to know who these brilliant musicans were.

Once my class resumes in September I shall try and find out more about them ,as I would love to go and see them again  soon.


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