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House sitting ” holiday”


I am now settled  back in my little house, after spending a couple of weeks house sitting for some friends who have been in the UK. I had a lovely time swimming in the pool every day, (sometimes with my four legged friend MR FROG for company) and having fresh eggs  for breakfast, whilst watching UK breakfast telly.

It wasn’t all relaxation though.The house and gardens were huge and spread out, and it took at least an hour and a half to water the plants with the hose pipe.Then there was the feeding of the chickens and keeping the place clean tidy. I  walked miles every day, and sometimes it took me half an hour of walking from one block to another to locate my reading glasses.( anyone who knows me, will know I lose my glasses about 3 or4 times a day on average)  I also OD’d on watching rubbish TV. I must admit, it confirmed what I already thought about the telly. When I have it, I can easily waste lots of time watching rubbish, and flicking between channels, before choosing the best of what’s on . After the first few days the novelty of daytime telly had worn off, and apart from the odd movie before bed, I did not bother to turn it on .

So my house sitting “ holiday “ is over, and it feels good being back in my little house. I really appreciate the benefits of living in a smaller space. Everything is in stretching distance, it is very easy to keep clean and tidy, and I can find my reading glasses in under five minutes.  I don’t miss watering the plants, being zombiefied in front of the TV, or looking after the chickens, but I do envy Mr frog ,being able to go for a lovely swim in that pool. I am going to have to head off to those river beaches !



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2 thoughts on “House sitting ” holiday”

  1. Hey Sharon how many lengths did mr frog do??

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